Oil & Gas Part Details

Material we cater
  • CuZn38Pb2 / CuZn38Pb3 / CuZn39Pb2 / CuZn39Pb3 / CuZn40Pb2 / CuZN43Pb2
  • CW603N / CW606N / CW608N / CW612N / CW614N / CW617N / CW623N
  • CZ120 / CZ121 / CZ122 / CZ131
  • C37700 / C35300 / C36000
  • MS58
  • DZR Brass
  • Copper C101/CW004A
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Chromium Copper
  • Bronze NES833, CA 104, PB1, PB102
  • Customizable as per client requirement.

Size We Handle
  • Circumscribe Diameter 1.5MM to 200MM
  • Customizable as per client requirement.

Finish We Serve
  • Zinc
  • Tin
  • Lead
  • Chrome
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Customizable as per client requirement.

Thread We Serve
  • Metric ISO Thread [M]
  • Metric ISO Fine Thread [MF]
  • Unified Coarse thread [UNC]
  • Unified Fine thread [UNF]
  • Unified Coarse thread for Screw thread inserts [EG UNC(STI)]
  • Unified Extra Fine thread [UNEF]
  • British Standard pipe thread [BSP] OR [BSPT] OR [G]
  • Whitworth Standard parallel internal pipe thread [RP]
  • British Standard Whitworth thread [BSW]
  • British Standard Fine thread [BSF]
  • Steel conduit thread DIN 40 430 [Pg]
  • British Association Standard thread [BA]
  • American standard straight pipeThread [NPSM]
  • American standard straight pipe thread [NPT]
  • Customizable as per client requirement.

Length We Handle
  • Begins from M2
  • Customizable as per client requirement.

  • We Manufacture Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Components. Our products are known in the market for their superior varieties and durability. These are widely appreciated for their sustainability, reliability and precised designs. We ensure the most reliable products which is available in best specification at the most profitable price range. Our products are used in many industries like Automotive, Wahl Handling, Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Electrical Defence, Solar, Aero Textile Industries, etc.